Deliver Personalized Buyer Journeys for Each Target Account

Marketer Friendly ABM: Engage and Convert Visitors from Target Accounts

Fuel Your Pipeline with Accounts Showing Intent to Engage

Is ABM a priority but find it expensive?

Be it a shortage of budget or the resources to implement ABM, you need a simpler solution to engage target accounts on your site. 

With Qwardo, you don’t need to settle for generic marketing strategies.

Account Based Marketing without Breaking the Bank

Easy to use Intelligent Platform to achieve your ABM goals

Know When Your Target Accounts Visit

Detect visitors from target accounts on your site so that you have an opportunity to take appropriate action automatically.

Customer journey

Engage Targets with Content and Calls to Action

Present the right content and call to actions at the right time based on the buyer journey for each segment over multiple visits.

Best of all, you don’t need to hardwire at any specific place on your site.

Maximize Conversions with Intelligent Engagement Tools

Use Intelligent Engagement Tools – SmartHub, SmartBar and Content Hubs – to maximize leads and learn more about their intent to engage.  Selectively ungate content for chosen segments.

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Alert Sales in Real Time with Context

Send email alerts to your sales on account related activity on your site: content views and downloads, daily digests, and CTA alerts.

So your Sales knows exactly when to pursue a hot account and what they have done on your site so far since their first visit.

Refine Targets for Retargeting Campaigns

Don’t throw away precious $$$ on retargeting the uninterested.

Refine targets for your retargeting campaigns using account level intelligence from Qwardo.


Increase Conversions from Retargeting Campaigns

Deliver a series of personalized messages on your site to accounts being retargeted and increase conversions.

Identify Campaign Targets

Create target account lists for your marketing and ISR/BDR campaigns based on their interests and activity on your site.

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How it Works

Upload Account Lists

1 (3)

Upload target account and lead lists and/or augment targets with new accounts and leads on your site use accounts.

Define Segments

2 l

Create segments with one or more criteria - campaigns, locations, user behavior etc.

Create Personalized Buyer Journeys

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Define CTAs for each segment, including content recommendations, videos, signups, poll questions

Fine Tune Buyter Journeys

3 l

Analyze engagement rates and fine tune buyer journeys to optimize conversions.

Self-Serve by Marketers. IT Support is not required.

Add content (PDFs, PPTs, URLs, and Videos) or let Qwardo automatically crawl your site.

Set Lead Capture Settings (optional) on different locations or ungate cotent assets for viewing.

Drive Traffic with campaigns and CTAs

Review dashboard for account intelligence and content consumption analytics

Why not take a look?

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