Best Practices for Research in Content Marketing

Watch Maria Dykstra’s interview and learn about her content marketing related research experiences and trade secrets at Qwardo’s B2B Content Marketing Virtual Summit

“When I think about researchers, three things you need to do. Trust your gut…quantitative thought…qualitative thought.”

About the speaker: Maria Dykstra

Maria Dykstra, a super content marketer, and strategist is also an author and regularly featured writer/speaker in various publications including The Huffington Post and Entrepreneur. She co-founded TreDigital, a content marketing agency, focused on influencer thought leadership.

What you will learn:

Maria discusses why research is considered the least sexy thing to be done by marketers and yet why it is one of the most important things to do for positive content marketing outcomes.  

Other questions that will be covered:

  • What’s the importance of research for a content marketer in a B2B context? (primary/secondary research)
  • Best practices in conducting research for content marketing?
  • How to strategize and optimize research efforts?
  • What are the recommended tools and techniques for conducting research?

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