Deliver Personalized Buyer Journeys on your Blog and Increase Engagement

Reduce Bounce Rates, Capture Interests and Identify Engaged Accounts

Blog Optimization That Engages and Converts

Are you happy with the ROI of your blog?

Very few of your blog visitors may be reading more than one post, or visiting the main site, resulting in high bounce rates.

So how do you keep your blog visitors engaged so that they continue their journey on your website after they have read a post?

Qwardo tracks visitors, understands which topics from your blog drew the most attention from them and recommends relevant content to keep visitors engaged.

Get more from your blog with Qwardo

Get deep insights on consumption behavior on your web pages, PDFs, PPTs and Videos.

Continue the conversation with personalization

Configure popup/inline CTAs on your blog pages to grab the attention of readers. While a visitor is reading a blog post, offer personalized content, poll questions or signups to webinars, newsletters, events and so on.

Customer journey

Create a buyer’s journey for each blog visitor

A buyer journey could be set up for each segment of visitors, with a series of content types: a blog post, a video, a case study and finally a gated ebook, and in the process capturing the engaged visitor as a lead.

Increase Engagement using Polls

While most visitors don’t leave comments, Polls CTAs offer a quick and easy way to get feedback.

Based on the answers to the poll questions, you can further segment the visitors to serve them better when they go to other pages on your site.

Identify Hot Accounts, Industries and Trending Topics

Qwardo monitors blog traffic to determine visitor interests. Identify trending topics based on Content Consumption by segment, accounts and leads

How it Works

Configure CTAs
1 l

Add automated CTAs or manually configure CTAs. Choose between popups or embedded.

Buyer Journeys
2 l

For each segment of visitors, deliver content for each stage of the funnel using dynamic CTAs

Add Polls

LEFT 400

Create Poll CTAs to get quick feedback from visitors and segment based on answers

Capture Insights

3 l

Analyze trending topics and hot accounts detected and fine tune engagement strategies

Self-Serve by Marketers. IT Support is not required.

Add PDFs, PPTs, and Videos

Set Lead Capture Settings (optional)

Drive Traffic either directly or with CTAs

Review dashboard for content consumption analytics


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