3 Reasons to Offer Sneak Previews of Gated Content

3 Reasons to Offer Sneak Previews of Gated Content


3 Reasons to Offer Sneak Previews of Gated Content

3 Reasons to Offer Sneak Previews of Gated Content

Remember when was the last time you bought a book on Amazon or in a bookstore, without seeing a few pages of the book? Almost never, right? We usually browse through a few pages of a book (even with eBooks on Amazon Kindle) or test drive a car before buying. But, if you are a B2B buyer, you are out of luck.

The Case for Gating Content

As a B2B marketer, you have compelling arguments to gate your content.

  • You want more leads and you are certain that gating the content is critical to get leads.
  • You believe that giving up contact information is a signal of being serious about your brand.
  • You also feel that the value is in being secretive and most effective when it comes to generating leads.
  • You are also afraid that the number of leads will drastically come down if you gate content.

This reasoning certainly works for certain brands and for certain kinds of content. Lets see this in more detail in the paragraphs below.

You are Asking your Visitor to Trust the Content

By asking visitors to give up their email before seeing even the first page of the content, B2B marketers are asking them to ‘trust’ the quality of the content. Such trust may exist with reputed brands. For newer brands, the credibility of quality needs to be established by enabling the visitor to preview the content.

Downloading Content is Just the Beginning of the Sales Cycle

When visitors download your content, they are not necessarily looking for your sales team to contact them for a sales conversation. Of course, if you are a seasoned B2B marketer, you will design your sales process to wait for additional signals before your sales team calls the lead. But, chances are that sales will try to contact these leads and learn the hard way that they aren’t really ready to buy.

Quantity doesn’t equate Quality

A common source disappointment with the leads generated by content downloads is the quality. Since the reason for download is to learn and understand and not for a sales conversation, your sales disqualifies most leads, almost nullifying or diminishing the value of content marketing you are painstakingly pursuing. Hence, it is important to increase high-quality leads rather than mere leads that are most likely not going to result in a sales conversation.

A Better Way – Offer a Way to Preview Content Online before Downloading

With an intelligent Content Engagement Platform, such as Qwardo SmartHub, your gated content can be previewed to visitors by showing a few pages of the document before offering a lead capture form to continue reading. This encourages more visitors to submit their contact details, after having seen for themselves whether the document can offer value to understanding their business challenges.

Conclusion – Increasing the ROI of Content Marketing

As buyers do more of their research on their own before speaking to sales, gating content can often hinder their content consumption, and reduce your exposure to top of the funnel prospects. A more flexible approach helps you get more higher quality leads who can be qualified and nurtured till they are ready to buy.

Next Steps

To know more about offering content previews using an intelligent content platform, read our blog post Previewing Gated Content with Qwardo SmartHub


Praveen Shrivastava
Praveen is a demandgen marketer, with a decade in the enterprise tech industry. Passionate about digital marketing in driving business goals and is never satisfied with status quo. Praveen takes care of marketing at Qwardo.

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