5 Ways to get more Conversions from Landing pages

5 Ways to get more Conversions from Landing pages


5 Ways to get more Conversions from Landing pages

5 Ways to get more Conversions from Landing pages


Landing pages deliver value in exchange for leads

A lot of time and effort is spent in creating high quality thought leadership content such as white papers, case studies and ebooks that educate and help customers. For B2B Marketers, these content assets are the primary arsenal in engaging relevant audiences and capturing leads using lead capture forms on landing pages.

Yet, conversions are typically in the low single digits, with no way to nurture and convert the rest of the traffic.

Try before you buy – offer a test drive of your gated content

In the brick and mortar world, consumers often get to try on products before making a purchase, be it a test drive for a car or trying on apparel. In the B2B Content marketing world, things become a bit less flexible for senior execs who are led to a gated landing page. All they get before submitting their contact details is the promise of the brand and a short summary of the content asset.

Qwardo SmartHub

Qwardo SmartHub is a content hub that can host PDFs and videos, and deliver a dynamic and interactive content experience with flexible lead capture.

Here are five ways in which Qwardo’s platform can dramatically improve the experience on landing pages and improve conversions with flexible lead capture.

1. Offer an online preview to select customers or segments

Qwardo can insert an embedded CTA on the landing page to visitors for certain companies or a segment of visitors, offering an online preview of the document (or video) on SmartHub. On clicking the CTA, the customer is led to view the document on SmartHub. A lead capture form can be configured on SmartHub to appear after a certain number of pages (or time interval, in the case of a video). Customers who’ve found the preview of the content useful could now submit their contact details to read the rest of the document.

2. Deliver an Exit Intent Offer

For visitors who do not submit their contact details on the landing page form and try to close the tab, you can offer an exit intent offer popup CTA. The CTA leads them to SmartHub where after a preview of the document, the lead capture form is presented.

3. Keep Promoted Content top of the mind

Visitors who do not convert on the landing page may browse other pages of your site. Qwardo can deliver popup or embedded CTAs across your site to these visitors, that will lead them to SmartHub for an online preview or send them back to the landing page.

4. Offer Personalized Gated Content after Consuming Ungated Content

Typically the download confirmation page thanks the visitor and sometimes offers the next piece of content to continue the conversation. Qwardo can offer personalized content after a download based on the account or customer segment.

5. Bonus: Company Detection for Ungated Content

You might just decide to remove all friction in consuming content by removing the lead gate. In this case, Qwardo can not just provide company information for the anonymous visitors who download your content, but also provide rich insights into their content consumption, including time spent and completion rate. You can use this information to identify the most engaged and sales ready accounts. These prospects could be further nurtured with paid campaigns on LinkedIn by targeting those companies that have shown high engagement with your content.

Content engagement platforms offer a lot of value for leadgen marketers and content marketers, both in learning which content is working well and for whom, and in increasing conversions.

Got questions? Drop us a line at and we’ll be happy to show how Qwardo can be customized for your campaigns.

A quick plug about Qwardo’s platform: Qwardo enables marketers to deliver personalized buyer journeys to your website visitors. It provides intelligent tools to engage, nurture and convert your website visitors to improve the quality and quantity of your leads. In addition, you can learn about the interests of your visitors and get insights in their content consumption. For a free trial, sign-up at Qwardo.

Praveen Shrivastava
Praveen is a demandgen marketer, with a decade in the enterprise tech industry. Passionate about digital marketing in driving business goals and is never satisfied with status quo. Praveen takes care of marketing at Qwardo.

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