7 Best Practices for Connecting with Prospects after an Event

7 Best Practices for Connecting with Prospects after an Event


7 Best Practices for Connecting with Prospects after an Event

7 Best Practices for Connecting with Prospects after an Event

Deliver Better Event ROI by Connecting with Prospects after an Event

Team Qwardo recently concluded two events in Hyderabad, the NGN Summit and the IndiaSoft Conference. Exhibitors and visitors were from the telecom and IT industry from enterprises, SMEs and startups. We were excited to be part of the Startup Enclave, showcasing our Qwardo platform along with fellow startups and the giants of the telecom industry.
We had a tremendous response at both events. As we are executing our post-event follow-ups to turn leads into customers, I thought of sharing a few best practices we have seen working. Feel free to add other best practices you have seen working as well.
#1 – Add context to every lead

Leads are collected from business cards, surveys and sometimes over electronic lead capture devices. Besides the contact and firmographic information, your team should be able to highlight key points from every conversation with a lead. This information will be key in connecting with the leads after the event. The more personal your email to each lead, higher is the probability that you will be remembered, and get a reply. Using your CRM system or a simple spreadsheet software, collect all the lead information.

#2 – Prioritize and Classify Leads

Prioritize and classify leads based on your discussions at the event (services desired, high/low priority, etc). A simple rating of Hot, Warm, and Cold would suffice to begin with. In addition, classification of leads can focus on a couple of things. One is based on your customer segmentation. The second is the role of the lead (influencer, user, technical decision maker, business decision maker).

#3 – Don’t let the Leads get Cold

Have a follow-up drip campaign via personalized emails from your Sales Development Reps (SDRs) ready to go even before the event concludes. The best practice would be to follow-up with leads on the very next day with event specific collateral.

#4 Bring Ideas Out while they are still fresh in the mind

Get your team together for a chat as soon as possible after the event. There are so many interactions at an event, that no one person can summarize all the learnings. Each person in the team at the event would have their own learning and perspectives, as they’ve interacted with customers and peers. All of this must be collected in one place, and used to improve the participation at the next event, apart from gathering intelligence to follow up with leads from the event.

#5 Turn Your Event Landing Page as a Post Event Resource Hub

You might have created an event landing page to invite customers to the event, promoting your speaking sessions, demos at the booth and thought leadership articles related to the event. After the event, you would want to turn your landing page into an event resource hub so that you can continue to attract visitors on the website who are looking for the event information. Be sure to add your photos, videos and any speaker presentations (from your colleague). Include the link to the event page in your email campaigns.

#6 Create new content related to the event

With all the inputs gathered at the event, why not create a thought leadership article or blog post that you could share with the leads from the event by email as well as on social media.

#7 Personalize calls to actions to event attendees

You will get best response from the customers if they see relevant and engaging content when they visit your website. Same goes with event attendees. With personalization platforms like Qwardo, you can detect incoming visitors and segment them into event attendees based on their company domain.  Present a series of calls to action that are suitable to those customers so that you have a better chance of educating more on your brand and get a response to your email campaigns.

Connect with us to see how Qwardo’s intelligent engagement platform can help you to make most out of your event investments.

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