7 Ways to Generate Leads from your Blog with a Content Engagement Platform

7 Ways to Generate Leads from your Blog with a Content Engagement Platform


7 Ways to Generate Leads from your Blog with a Content Engagement Platform

7 Ways to Generate Leads from your Blog with a Content Engagement Platform

Blogs are a fundamental component of any business if they are serious about digital marketing, as it communicates regular updates from a brand to its customers. Blogs require strong momentum from a marketing team in identifying topics, involve domain specialists who can both write initial drafts and contribute personal anecdotes, as well as bring in industry influencers for guest blogging, in order to maintain a consistent publishing calendar.

Blog – the popular destination on your site after the home page

Your blog may be the most popular destination on your site – new posts are published and promoted regularly and receive a regular stream of traffic from social media. However, few blog visitors may go on to viewing other posts or get converted to leads with premium gated content on your main site.

Hence, most of your blog traffic may be lost from the blog pages and you might not be getting the results you hoped for such as:

  • Increasing pages views and time per session and reducing bounce rates
  • Driving traffic to gated content on the main site
  • Driving traffic to solution/product pages
  • Increasing blog subscribers

The content you recommend on the page as embedded links may not draw sufficient attention and may not be suitable for all visitors. So how do you keep your blog visitors engaged so that they continue their journey on your website after they have read a post?

A content engagement platform tracks visitors, understands which content drew the most attention from them and recommends relevant content to keep visitors engaged on a blog.

1. Continue the conversation with personalization

At news and media sites, articles often have embedded videos and recommended content. With a content engagement platform, these can be configured as personalized CTAs within your content to grab the attention of readers. While a visitor is reading a blog post, you may also offer personalized poll questions or signups to webinars, newsletters, events and so on.

These days, most middle of the funnel prospects binge-read content in extended sessions, but only if offered relevant content in real time.

With personalized recommendations, B2B blogs can achieve engagement rates similar to say the content on Netflix.

Besides creating a section with related posts, with a content engagement platform, a set of more personalized recommendations based on user interests from across the site could be created.

2. Create a buyer’s journey for each blog visitor

A buyer journey could be set up for a segment of visitors, starting with a blog post, leading the visitor to an infographic, followed by a video and finally a gated ebook, and in the process capturing the engaged visitor as a lead. In future visits, the same visitor could be engaged with blog posts related to the interests shown in the previous visit.

Customer journey

3. Identify Qualified Accounts and offer premium content

If your content engagement platform can detect companies on your website, you could offer premium content on your blog using inline/popup CTAs such as white papers and case studies or research reports without asking for contact details, allowing your key prospects to consume more content. Your sales team would love to know which of their prospects have read a vital case study or report.

4. High engagement blog visitors are high quality leads

Once visitors get used to this kind of a personalized content engagement experience on a website, they will continue to engage with your website in their buyer’s journey, leaving you with high quality leads sourced from social media and wherever your blog posts are promoted. Follow their content consumption patterns and use these insights to nurture and convert your best leads.

5. Onsite retargeting for visitors coming through PPC campaigns

Visitors coming through paid campaigns may visit your blog pages. Since you already paid for that traffic, it makes sense to figure out a way to convert them wherever they are. You can deliver a call to action (CTA) and get more conversion opportunities across all the blog pages they visit.

6. Employ polls to segment better

Often blogs are focused on higher perspectives They may promote a line of thought or a point of view. Isn’t it a great opportunity to ask the visitor if they agree with that point of view? Comment sections exist but most visitors don’t leave comments, though they may share their views on their social networks.

Polls offer a quick and easy way to get feedback from the readers of the blog.  Based on the answers to the poll questions, you can further segment the visitors to serve them better when they go to other pages on your site.

7. Capture Interests at the Account and Industry Level

A content engagement platform identifies account level information of anonymous visitors and summarises their interests across all the content that is consumed. This information can be used to run campaigns targeting industries, geographies, topics that have been identified on your blog and drive qualified traffic to your blog.

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