8 Ways Content Engagement Platforms Increase the ROI of Content Marketing

8 Ways Content Engagement Platforms Increase the ROI of Content Marketing


8 Ways Content Engagement Platforms Increase the ROI of Content Marketing

8 Ways Content Engagement Platforms Increase the ROI of Content Marketing

When I was leading marketing for my previous startup, ReadyPulse, I spent quite a bit of my energy and time on my first eBook, Social Content Marketing Guide. After creating it (with  several rounds of reviews and comments), I found a way to reach thousands of people via eMarketer’s mail blast (of course for a fee). We were able to generate 1000+ downloads. I was ecstatic. I went to my co-founder and CEO to tell this great news. As a seasoned sales guy who could sell ice to eskimos, he asked me one question, for which I didn’t have any answer.

“Do you know how many read the eBook? What do they think of it? Do you think we should make another one similar to this one?”

I had no answer!  Unless I called and spoke  to each of those 1000 people who downloaded my content, I wouldn’t know.

Hence the question is – do you know if your content is read by your prospects? Do they like it? Should you create more like it?

The quest for these answers led to founding my second startup, Qwardo – an intelligent content engagement platform – designed to engage, nurture, and convert website visitors.

After working with several clients during the last one year, here’s how we’ve found content engagement platforms like Qwardo can help increase your content marketing ROI.

Know the Audience and React in the moment

While it is great to know how many visitors from a campaign came to your landing page from a specific referral source, the opportunity is huge when you can detect and react while your visitor is still on the site, thereby trying to engage and convert the visitor. This is even better than trying to bombard them with retargeting messages around the web.

Engage first vs. Convert first

Who wouldn’t like to convert first? Your visitor. They get annoyed with being asked for their email even before getting a chance to read your web page. Who would like to be engaged first? Your website visitor. He/she wouldn’t mind providing information that will help you help him/her. How about asking a poll to gather who the person is and their intent instead of presenting a signup form?

Go beyond downloads for content success

Are you satisfied with knowing the number of downloads in measuring ROI? The real success comes when you close a sale. Content engagement platforms go beyond the macro level metrics provided by Google Analytics, and can tell you which companies visited your landing pages and downloaded your ungated content as well as offer a way for customers to consume content online. Online consumption of content can throw insights on how much of the content was consumed and by whom. So now you will know which content is working well and for whom.

Get more chances to convert

Current landing pages give you one chance to convert and even with retargeting, most landing pages rarely give a different message. With content engagement platforms, you can get more conversion opportunities. You can offer a preview of your gated asset to all or select visitors before giving a lead capture form, while capturing the critical insights on the visitors. This encourages more visitors to convert since they get a chance to see how valuable  your content is to them. Customers can also be engaged while they are reading content online by offering relevant polls, signups, and other CTAs.

Don’t make your visitors sweat

Where content engagement platforms offer the most value is in dynamically offering the right content to each customer segment based on where they are in the buyer journey. Instead of hunting for the right content, customers are offered calls to action (CTAs) as they browse your website, which  take them to what they could be looking for. This leads to lower bounce rates, higher engagement and repeat visits, i.e, stronger customer relationships.

Use that older content that is no longer promoted

Your content library often gets exposure to its latest content assets. Underutilization of content assets is often a problem. With automatic content recommendations via CTAs, your entire content library can now be utilized to offer relevant content to each visitor. Your older webinars can continue to get you new leads!

Optimize Content Formats

You will also get to know which content format is working well for each customer segment, based on time spent, completion rates, conversion rates, across videos, white papers, case studies and so on. So you can then revise your marketing budgets to focus on the right content formats for maximum ROI.

Retarget those premium visitors … on your website

Content engagement platforms also offer retargeting any segment of your visitors (for example, those came through your Google PPC campaigns) on select landing page visitors across a website, with personalized offers based on account names, campaigns, source, and UTM codes, helping you get more conversion opportunities and higher ROI from your content marketing investments. While these visitors browse other parts of your website, you get to know more about their interests and consideration, which will help you improve your future campaigns.

Marketers need more tools to engage and nurture their website visitors

As you get challenged to deliver more predictable outcomes in your marketing programs, the status quo wouldn’t work. You need fresh thinking and approach in terms of understanding the visitor and create an experience that is win-win to you and your visitor. Content engagement platforms can give you that opportunity. Qwardo’s platform provides you the necessary engagement tools that are intelligent and marketer-friendly to make you a great marketer.

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