Learn how Inbound Leads from Content Marketing have contributed to 39% of Revenue

Learn how Inbound Leads from Content Marketing have contributed to 39% of Revenue


Learn how Inbound Leads from Content Marketing have contributed to 39% of Revenue

Learn how Inbound Leads from Content Marketing have contributed to 39% of Revenue

Interview with Kavyanidhi Narayan, Director & Head – Marketing, RapidValue

Content Marketing is an essential tool in the arsenal of a demandgen marketer today, with most of the buyer’s journey today being self-served online. We caught up with Kavyanidhi recently to talk to her about her demandgen challenges and learn what’s working and what’s not in her content marketing strategy. Here are the excerpts from the interview.


Please tell us about RapidValue Solutions and about your role

RapidValue is a global provider of digital transformation services and solutions to enterprises. We work on cutting edge technologies to build next gen applications and digital solutions. We have a large team of experts in consulting, UX design, application engineering, testing and DevOps for Mobile/Web, Cloud, IoT and Big Data. Our global clients include MNCs, Fortune 500/1000 firms and innovative product startups. Our operations are spread across the US, the UK, Middle East, Europe and India.

As the marketing head, I am primarily responsible for demand generation, sales enablement, creating go-to-market strategy to launch new solutions suite, customer/partnership engagements and above all, to build the brand of RapidValue. To achieve these, the team works on generating high quality content, digital marketing, participating in technology/mobility events and lead nurturing.

Describe your content strategy, how do you identify ideas that would help customers.  How do you repurpose content, using different content formats and mediums?

Content is very important for marketers. It is the pillar behind all the marketing activities and is a must for every aspect of marketing such as lead generation, lead nurturing, and digital marketing and to position the organization as a thought leader. We do market research and competitive analysis, and also keep a watch on external world to bring in new ideas to life.

We generate all content in-house and encourage our technical teams to contribute, who are hands-on. The same content in various format (white papers, blogs, Ad banners) is published across different channels such as social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Google Plus, Instagram) and external blog sites. We also maintain a corporate blog site, which is mainly for sharing knowledge and providing latest technology information to our customers and prospects.

In addition, we send our white papers to event organizers. We have presented the paper at many technology conferences in the United States.

What are your content marketing conversion and lead gen challenges. How does technology help you?

We have invested in quite a few sales and marketing tools for lead generation and CRM. There are a lot of good tools available in the market. These tools help us to streamline the sales & marketing process and to monitor every step in the lead generation funnel, i.e. right from Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) to a customer win.

We have seen that content has helped us in organic SEO. The challenges we face is more when the same content in used for paid SEO (PPC). The return of investment is not that high, when used for lead generation. It’s more useful for brand building.

Would you like to share any successful marketing strategies from last year: what worked, what didn’t?

Investing time, effort and money in generating high quality content, past few years has been definitely successful for us. Content marketing (creation and distribution) is a slow process, but once it reaches a steady state and we have large volume of content, it starts to show good results. Last year inbound leads contributed to 39% of our revenue. And, this is mainly due to the thought leadership materials we have on our website.

Email marketing is relatively a newer strategy we are working on. We are yet to see results.

What keeps a marketer like you up at night?

To be working with the sales team is very exciting. And to be part of the demand generation process, to bring in new customers for RapidValue is what keeps me up and going.

What is your take on the current state of B2B Marketing across the industry. What should content and lead gen marketers be doing to get better results?

B2B marketing needs a different kind of strategy than B2C. To get into the prospect’s mind, to promote and sell services and solutions useful for organizations is more challenging than understanding the end-user behavior and their preferences. More companies across industries are realizing the need for a strong marketing team in-house and are becoming more open with dedicated marketing budgets. These are good signs for us (marketers). Digital marketing is another area which is becoming very popular in the B2B industry.

Regarding suggestions for content and leadgen marketers, I would say that we cannot just focus in one area of marketing. We should mix it with digital as well as traditional marketing activities such as press releases and promotions in print magazines. Traditional marketing cannot be measured as easily as digital marketing, but it definitely has impact in bringing in leads. According to me, branding, SEO and content creation, all go hand-in-hand, if we need to generate sales qualified leads.

For someone starting off in B2B marketing today, what is your advice? How could someone aspire to become like you?

There is immense opportunity to grow in B2B marketing and it’s an exciting space to be in. There is a lot of learning one can do and scope to contribute with new ideas.

To build a career in marketing, I would say that the ability to bring in new ideas, being creative and the ability to work with cross-functional teams in the organization (to get the entire ecosystem to contribute for brand building) are some of the skills which the marketer should have. These are some skills which have helped me too 🙂

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Melvin Thambi

Kavya - A great interview! As I had closely work with you, l know how your ideas & strategies had helped RapidValue to bring some good leads and appreciating your great effort in building the branding of RapidValue.

29 May, 2017/12:03 pm

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