Leveraging Big Trends in AI and Digital Marketing

Leveraging Big Trends in AI and Digital Marketing


Leveraging Big Trends in AI and Digital Marketing

Leveraging Big Trends in AI and Digital Marketing

As marketers, we are always figuring out how new trends like Artificial Intelligence (AI) can change the way our marketing initiatives work. To understand these trends, Qwardo marketing team invited  Yasaswy Andavilli, Campaign Manager at Google, to talk about major trends in advertising and digital marketing at our recent MarTech meetup .

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Excerpts from the Session on AI, MarTech and B2B Marketing

The Other Side – How Advertising is Changing

AI revolutionizes the accuracy of Ad Targeting and precision of reaching your audience like never before

Most of the advertising majors like Google are pivoting their ad platforms on AI and machine learning which will have significant impacts across the industry, including lead generation and lead management on the client side. Which begs the question: are marketers staying ahead of the curve and trying to get the best out of the technological changes.

Programmatic Ad Buying Platforms

Advertising platforms like AdWords, Facebook Ads are moving to an ad-exchange model where ads are bought en masse from centralized inventories. The platform then optimizes and places ads for your budget. AI is improving the targeting of the ads by the platform using data on user behavior. These two trends are making the job of the marketer easier, in terms of both buying ad inventory across ad platforms and the efficiency with which ad systems are delivering ads.

B2B Marketing: Transformative Changes

Across the world, across large and small brands and startups, there is a huge thrust for digital marketing spend.

Content Marketing – AI enhances content curation & inbound marketing effectiveness

AI driven systems could create conversion-optimized web pages based on the content hosted on a website.

Call Centers

Chatbots, Virtual Personal Assistants will replace expensive call centers, telemarketers & drive costs down.

Automation – Tools to integrate CRM, Sales, Lead Management, Inbound Activities

Both startups and larger players are working on solutions to manage the end to end lead generation cycle in seamless way for marketers.

Making the Most Out of the Trends: Great times for Ad Promoters and B2B Marketers!

For ad promoters, this is a great time to see rapidly growing digital spends in B2B marketing. And for marketers this is the best time to gun for ROI from campaign spends by adopting automation tools to increase efficiency and stay ahead of the curve. Marketers can in fact take advantage of AI to get significantly higher leads from the same spend as earlier.

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