6 Reasons to Use Content Hubs over Landing Pages

6 Reasons to Use Content Hubs over Landing Pages


6 Reasons to Use Content Hubs over Landing Pages

6 Reasons to Use Content Hubs over Landing Pages

A content hub can be defined as an experience where your prospects and customers read/view content, which can be your case studies, white papers, eBooks, and videos. Due to the many advantages content hubs provide over landing pages, they are fast becoming an important alternative for marketers to consider.

In this article, we will walk you through why you should consider using a content hub for your lead generation instead of landing pages.

How Can Content Hubs Help Sales and Marketing

Content Hubs can host all your premium content, which are currently behind a landing page and lead form, and offer a dynamic and engaging content consumption experience. They help you increase qualified leads that are more likely to be interested in talking to your sales teams.

To visitors, they offer a more flexible way to view gated content, as well as interactive content consumption. To marketers, they provide critical insights that show how engaged audiences are with the content.

They also provide the ability to continue the conversation from one content asset to another, gathering rich feedback along the way.

Qwardo SmartHub – An Intelligent Engagement Experience for your Prospects

As part of Qwardo’s Intelligent Content Engagement Platform, we provide SmartHub is an intelligent content hub that offers the several benefits over landing pages with gated content.

1. Avoid complexities and expenses in building and maintaining landing pages

What you should do – Stop creating landing page for every content asset and use Content Hub instead

Why you should consider – Save time, money, and hassle when you use a content hub like Qwardo SmartHub instead of using landing pages.

When you create a landing page for a premium asset, you are not creating just a landing page. You have a thank you page, an email and then all the data instrumentation you have to do, including setting up campaigns and testing the landing page on various versions.

In addition, you have to design the landing page, which requires time from your designer. Finally, you have the optimization step using A/B tests. Though marketers have become accustomed to these tasks, which are fundamental to any marketing automation platform like Marketo or Hubspot, Content Hubs can make marketers’ lives a lot easier.

You might lead visitors directly to content on a content hub. Intelligent content hubs like Qwardo SmartHub allow you to deliver premium and tailored content experience to visitors based on who they are (think about account or segment based landing pages in a flash).

2. Landing Pages are One-offs. A Content Hub has an underlying Content Library

What you should do – Using a content hub has a secondary benefit of building a content library

Why you should consider – Better utilize your premium content by sales and marketing for omni-channel engagement. It can also help you determine user interests and track interest profiles over time.

Content Hubs draw their content to show from a centralized Content Library that hosts all your premium content such as Case Studies, White Papers, Buyer’s Guides, eBooks, and blog content. Qwardo SmartHub supports PDFs and videos.

These content assets are ready to be promoted on the main site using embedded links, banners and popup CTAs. Personalized links to any content can be sent via an email to gauge interests of prospects either by marketing team or sales teams.

Content management becomes simpler with a single dashboard to view and utilize all the content created, along with viewing vital stats on content performance.

The value of content library is to be able to have a source for all marketers and sales to find share-worthy content whether it is in marketing campaigns, sales nurture campaigns, or ad hoc sharing by sales to an account.

The value is further enhanced by the stats on performance – conversions, attention, and user behavior data we can give.

3. Preview Content Online before Downloading

When was the last time we haven’t browsed through a few pages of a book (like on Amazon Kindle) or test drove a car before buying?

By asking the visitor to give up email before seeing even the first page of the content, we are asking the visitor to ‘trust’ the quality of the content. Such trust may exist with reputed brands. For newer brands, the credibility of quality needs to be established by enabling the visitor to preview the content.

With Qwardo SmartHub, PDF documents can be viewed online in an engaging way, without taking the visitor away from the brand’s website. This aids in continuing the customer journey on the site. In addition, it gives more opportunities to convert the visitor to a lead.

4. Intelligent Lead Capture

For known contacts and accounts, a content hub can ungate content assets to encourage content consumption.

For unknown visitors, previews of the content can be offered, so that a few pages of a document can be read, before a lead capture form is presented. This encourages more visitors to submit their contact details, after having seen for themselves whether the document is of value to them.

5. Continue the Conversation

A Content hub can deliver call to actions in the form of poll questions, sign up forms, videos and content recommendations with a document hosted by the hub. CTAs can be configured to interact with the viewer on any page of a document. This especially helps with longer documents, to keep the reader engaged.

6. Capture Content Consumption Insights

With a content hub, you can track not just the clicks and downloads, but also the attention spans and content completion rates. This helps in identifying the most engaged leads. With account detection capabilities, you can capture similar data for accounts with ungated content as well.



In the B2C world, customers often make purchases after checking out a sample. With gated premium content, customers could get the same experience with content previews on a content hub. Marketers could also be equipped with a deeper understanding of how each content is resonating with its audience, to optimize their content strategy.

Are you able to measure the engagement of content with your audiences? Let us know in the comments.

Got questions? Drop us a line at and we’ll be happy to show how Qwardo can be customized for your campaigns. Or try Qwardo’s SmartHub for a free 30-day trial.

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