Getting Success with a Content Marketing Agency – A Cadence Preferred Perspective

Getting Success with a Content Marketing Agency – A Cadence Preferred Perspective


Getting Success with a Content Marketing Agency – A Cadence Preferred Perspective

Getting Success with a Content Marketing Agency – A Cadence Preferred Perspective

Achieving Success through a Content Marketing Agency

If you are a content or digital marketer, this is perhaps a key question in your mind. Should you involve them at the strategy phase? Or execution phase? Or do you just need a copywriter? In order to figure out answers to these questions, we spoke to Tim Cooke from Cadence Preferred. Tim has multiple tips to make your content marketing successful especially when you are involving a content marketing agency.

We spoke to Tim to understand how and when the services of a content marketing agency can be utilized to enhance your business development and marketing efforts.

  • Learn how you can get more traction with video-based marketing
  • Domain expertise is a critical differentiator among content marketing partners
  • What Simon Sinek and Steven Covey have got to do with content strategy
  • How you can be helped in accelerating content development
  • Balancing frequency, length, quality: best practices for content marketing success


Please tell us about Cadence Preferred and yourself

Cadence Preferred is a boutique agency specializing in helping tech companies to launch and promote their products and services with compelling content and partner or field readiness. I have worked in the marketing and readiness field for the past 20 years and I’m approaching my 5th year with Cadence Preferred.

In your view, what is content marketing and how will a business benefit from it?

There are some fascinating statistics showing that customers are doing more and more research on their own BEFORE they ever contact a sales person at a brand.

Two things are important to know from that.

  1. Brands need to give prospects plenty of content about their services in multiple places and with multiple form factors to maximize the potential that prospects searching will find you and consume your content in the format best for them.
  2. What brands may have historically been able to leave to a sales rep to do likely now needs to be detailed in the content brands produce.
What are the latest trends in content marketing you are seeing? These may include content types, purposes, metrics, and strategies.

Video has steadily been on the incline as far as hot content types. Be sure to transcribe your video not only to assist with accessibility, but also if you do it the right way, search engines can index the transcript improving your search performance. Keep the videos short and to the point. If you have a three minute video, strongly consider breaking it down to 3 or more shorter videos and put them in a series.

When should a company look to hire a content marketing agency?

That depends on the needs of the brand.

  1. If you already have your content and you’re just looking for amplification you may be able to get away with hiring a generalist digital marketing agency.
  2. If you simply want some design for content you’ve already created, you may be able to get away with hiring a generalist creative agency.
  3. However, if you want someone who is excellent at the above two items but can also create the content and concept from scratch then you’ll need to choose very carefully to find an agency with domain expertise. If you are in the tech industry and hire an agency who services Bank of America, Procter & Gamble and Toyota, you’ll waste valuable time educating the agency about your industry. Our focus on the tech sector for the last 12 years allows us to come to the table with a strong foundation from the start of your project and we build on that over time, for example, our long history with Microsoft has made it so that we often know more about various products than their full-time employees.
What is your methodology for creating content strategy for a client?

We follow Simon Sinek’s methodology of starting with the why and Steven Covey’s start with the end in mind. We need to first know the goals of our clients and then we work back from there to create a strategy that best fits their needs within the constraints of their time, budget and capabilities.

What are the steps in the engagement between a client and a content marketing agency?
  1. Define goals
  2. Develop a strategy to reach those goals
  3. Create a detailed plan of action with an editorial calendar
  4. Develop the content in order of when it’s needed
What is your level of involvement in the content strategy for a client, in terms of creating content, landing pages, campaign messaging, or email promotions.

With smaller brands who don’t have a robust marketing department, we’re often creating and executing on the entire strategy. With our larger clients we often play one role within the workflow of content marketing, most often that’s the role of content developer.

How do you work with your client in terms of collaboration, their inputs to the strategy and execution? Does it vary from client to client?

Yes, this does vary greatly and we’re very flexible and agile to be able to adapt to the unique needs of the client.

For clients who are starting to create a content strategy, how do you accelerate the process?

In two ways.

  1. Often our clients have just read a great article about content marketing or attended a one hour session at a conference and they are highly motivated and get the broad idea but just don’t know where or how to start. Or even if they do know, it often helps to have an outside firm give some fresh ideas and perspective.
  2. We’re a cure for writer’s block. Creating content from scratch is difficult. Having someone else to at least get the first iteration completed for you to react to is immensely beneficial. All too often nobody at a company is assigned as a full time content developer and therefore whoever gets assigned to create content, struggles both with prioritizing the task with their main responsibilities and with the fact that they may not be particularly good at content development or may lack confidence.
What are some of the best practices that you recommend for content marketing success?
  1. Don’t delay, start today. You can improve, but not if you don’t at least start.
  2. Prioritize frequency over length even if it means simply breaking up a larger piece into smaller deliverables that fit together in a series.
  3. Balance quality with quantity and frequency. Quality IS important, but we’ve seen too many clients with ‘analysis paralysis’ who spend too much time iterating on details that won’t have any material impact.

About Tim Cooke and  Cadence Preferred

Cadence Preferred is a comprehensive, yet nimble marketing company committed to developing innovative solutions and compelling content for clients. They are a business partner for all marketing, content, training and staffing needs.

Tim Cooke has been in the training and marketing development industry since 2004 and was a corporate trainer in years prior. He has used his experience to serve a roster of technology clients including Intel, Amazon, Microsoft, AMD, Isilon, AT&T, HP and more. Two passions at work drive Tim: finding new customers and serving those customers.

Talk to us  to see how personalization can help you get higher engagement and higher ROI from content marketing.

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