MarTech 2016: Your Five Minute Guide To Interactive Content Vendors

Interactive content Martech qwardo


MarTech 2016: Your Five Minute Guide To Interactive Content Vendors

Interactive content Martech qwardo

Research by IDG Enterprise shows that buyers consume an average of eight pieces of content during the sales cycle. How do marketers deliver the right content in the right format to inform and persuade decision makers?

DemandGen’s 2015 Content Preferences Survey found that 74% of decision makers have lesser time for reading content. 85% of buyers prefer to consume shorter content and 91% want to engage with interactive, visual content.

With buyers pressed for time, digestible content helps you stand out from competition. Interactive content reduces the buyer learning curve by packaging content in different formats like assessment tools, infographics, videos, ebooks, and quizzes.

Definition. SnapApp defines interactive content as “anything that requires the participants’ active engagement – more than simply reading or watching the content.” According to Marketing Land, interactive content “ allows users to engage with a business or brand on a deeper level…interactive content prompts users to share personal preferences and data in order to receive some sort of tailored result.” Interactive content wins the attention of buyers as they journey through the purchasing process.

Why This Matters. The biggest challenge for B2B marketers is producing engaging content. Interactive content converts buyers 70% of the time as compared to 36% for traditional content. Interactive content educates prospects, differentiates your value proposition, and delivers more share worthy content.

What To Look For. Here’s what you need to assess while meeting with interactive content tool vendors:

  • Can you create interactive content across channels (web, social, email, and mobile)?
  • Can you customize the design of each content piece to reflect your company branding?
  • Can you use out-of-the box templates to develop content without using IT?
  • Can you package content to create a guided path for consumption?
  • Can you create content for each buyer persona? Can you tag content based on the buyer lifecycle?
  • What analytics does the tool provide for user engagement and conversion rates?
  • Does the tool support A/B testing for determining the most effective content?
  • Can the tool integrate with your marketing and sales platforms?

Sponsors. Hang out with these interactive content vendors during MarTech:

SnapApp enables marketers to boost their demand generation results 2-3x by harnessing the power of interactive content.

HapYak is the leading interactive video platform. HapYak provides an intuitive platform for organizations to simplify and deepen the way they engage people through web video.

ion interactive content marketing platform empowers marketers to rapidly deploy, test and measure all types of interactive content.

LookBook HQ enables marketers to package relevant content into seamless experiences and get more value from every click.

Qwardo is an intelligent engagement platform to increase lead conversions using SmartHub and SmartBar offerings, which offer contextual and dynamic calls to action to engage and convert incoming website visitors.

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