Product Launch: Qwardo Insights

Product Launch: Qwardo Insights


Product Launch: Qwardo Insights

Product Launch: Qwardo Insights

Qwardo Insights is Now Available as a WordPress Plugin

We are delighted to announce the launch of Qwardo Insights, a unique analytics tool to get insights on your visitors that go beyond Google Analytics.  Qwardo Insights give you both sales insights and content insights to optimize your sales and marketing.

Why did we create Qwardo Insights?

As we discussed earlier in our blog post, your sales just don’t want any leads. They want qualified leads and they can definitely use more information on what the interests are and what they have already done on your website.  The biggest mistake a digital marketer can do is to spend money on acquiring unqualified leads, which results in dissatisfaction amongst sales and loss of credibility for the marketer.

Download the Plugin from WordPress today!

Download the WordPress plug-in today. It is easy to use and installation is extremely simple. As soon as you install it via your WordPress Administration console, you will need to register with Qwardo to activate your subscription, which is free for 30-days.

Capture Valuable Insights from Website Visitors

Qwardo Insights helps you identify hot prospects, accounts, and topics that are trending on your site. It builds a history of visitor interests (interest profiles) for each lead, anonymous visitor, and account. You will get alerts on incoming visitors and you can check out the dashboard for interest profiles.

Qwardo Insights is built for both content marketers and inside sales.

Sales Insights for Account and Lead Tracking

Qwardo tracks all known and unknown visitors on your website, identifies accounts and gives you rich insights into their interests. With Qwardo’s ability to detect interest based on your prospects’ behavior, you can know what your prospect is interested in and if he/she is exhibiting intent to engage with your sales team.  You can use these insights to score your leads.

Content Insights to know trending content and topics on your website

Qwardo Content Insights provides information on trending topics and content on your website at multiple levels, including overall website visitors, segments, accounts and leads. With Content Insights from Qwardo, you can ensure you have the right content for your prospects and improve ROI on your content marketing through SEO and paid media.

Qwardo automatically classifies your available content into case studies, white papers, and other premium resources that are typically available on B2B websites.

Since Qwardo keeps history of trending topics at account level and lead level, you can create innovative campaigns around trending topics targeted towards accounts and leads on Facebook, Google Remarketing and email.

Don’t get left behind your competition

You can compare your content with your competitor’s’ content (from their websites) to understand where to maintain the lead and where to catch up (content quantity and topics).  You can keep an eye on your competition.

Informed Lead Follow-up and Digital Marketing Campaigns with Qwardo Insights

There are three types of information you can get about prospects without asking them that we can pass on to sales to help them with the context and setting them up for success.

Basic Information

Basic information includes company name, URL, and location. You may also add other information such as size and vertical to augment the qualification criteria to create a target list for your inside sales (ISR/BDR) team.

Behavioral Information

Based on the behavior of the visitors such as visiting pages, scrolling of the pages, time spent and repeat visits, we can get some idea on what topics they are interested in. You can also detect interest levels on certain topics based on frequency and recency of the visits. This behavioral data can be compiled for a specific contact, company and any other segment such as location and visitors from a particular campaign or a visitors to a specific landing page.

Add Company Data from Your CRM

Since the user behavior data and company data can be matched by the domain name and/or email ID, you now have a way to create insightful pivots using your CRM data. These pivots can be useful for both sales and marketing for various purposes including prospecting, follow-up, account planning and campaign planning.

Why Use Qwardo Insights?
  • Provide interest information on leads and accounts to your sales and that can be used in the follow-up messages.
  • Use the interest information to automatically show recommended content to the visitors while they are browsing your website. This can help increase time spent on your website and ultimately lead to a conversion.
  • Understand which topics are trending among your target audience and then create campaigns – email, SEO, SEM, Facebook and outbound call blitz (telephone).
  • Use the topics to figure out your content calendar. Are you creating the right content for your audience? Do you have enough content in the area you are targeting?
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Srinivas Penumaka
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Srinivas is the founder of Qwardo. A serial entrepreneur, passionate about solving complex marketer problems, Srinivas is a seasoned marketing and product executive with over 20+ years of experience in the High-tech industry. He writes about lead generation, content marketing, and marketing analytics.

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