Seven Talks No Marketer Should Miss At MarTech 2016

Seven Talks No Marketer Should Miss At MarTech 2016


Seven Talks No Marketer Should Miss At MarTech 2016

Seven Talks No Marketer Should Miss At MarTech 2016

MarTech 2016 has amazing content with forty four sessions across two tracks. Here are seven talks that we recommend that you attend at the conference:

MarTech Must See Talks for Monday, March 21, 2016

Keynote: Hacking Marketing: The Entanglement Of Marketing & Software

Scott BrinkerWe’re really excited about Scott Brinker’s new book, Hacking Marketing. Scott is the CTO of ion interactive, editor of Chief Marketing Technologist, and program chair for MarTech 2016. Marketing has transformed into a digital profession. Scott will explain why marketers should embrace agile software practices to differentiate your company.

 Cognitive Marketing: The Rise Of The Super Intelligent Marketer

Gerry Murray
Gerry Murray is the marketing operations research manager for IDC’s CMO practice. Gerry’s Technology Marketing Blog is a great source for the latest trends in marketing automation. Learn how cognitive technologies will allow marketers to harness right brain thinking for automating marketing and sales interactions.


 The DNA Of Unicorns And Marketing Technologists

isaac Wyatt
Isaac Wyatt is director of marketing operations at New Relic. Isaac has talked before on how marketing automation is engineering. At MarTech 2016, Isaac will analyze martech stacks of unicorns. He will show how unicorn marketers are driving innovation with martech adoption.


The Ultimate Guide To Building Your March Stack

Travis Wright
Travis Wright is chief marketing technologist at CCP Global, a leading consulting firm. Can you assemble a martech stack that delivers customized marketing programs at scale? Travis will explain how to build a rock-solid martech foundation for growth and innovation



MarTech Must See Talks for Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Candid Fireside Chat With Uber Growth Hacker Andrew Chen

Andrew Chen
We are huge fans of Andrew Chen, Uber’s growth hacker. Read Andrew’s Growth Hacker is the new VP Marketing to learn why growth is the foundation for marketing strategy. Learn Andrew’s recipes for successful growth hacking in this fireside chat.


How Machine Intelligence Will Really Change Marketing

David Raab
David Raab is a marketing consultant who has helped marketers select the right technology tools for thirty years. David will explain why machine intelligence is shrinking jobs and redefining marketing as we know it.



DevOps For Marketing

The DevOps movement grew out of a need to have developers, IT operations, and the business working together on the same goals. Learn why marketing, IT, product, and engineering teams need to adopt DevOps practices for greater marketing agility and velocity.

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