[Interview] State of MarTech – Trends and Advice from David Lewis

[Interview] State of MarTech – Trends and Advice from David Lewis


[Interview] State of MarTech – Trends and Advice from David Lewis

[Interview] State of MarTech – Trends and Advice from David Lewis

The adoption of MarTech (Marketing Technology) is increasing every year. If you are a demand gen marketer, chances are that you might have heard about David Lewis, Founder and CEO of Demandgen, Inc.
Qwardo Founder, Srinivas Penumaka recently caught up with David to get his thoughts on the state of MarTech industry. David spoke extensively about his experience with MarTech and how it evolved over the years.
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Excerpts from the Interview on State of MarTech, Trends and Advice

MarTech Maturity
There are  three different levels of maturity in adopting marketing technologies: Minimal (website presence and batch email marketing), Automated (CRM, marketing automation and analytics), and Mature (Advanced Marketing Technologies with Sophisticated Marketers).

ROI from MarTech

A lot of the MarTech adopters haven’t found the kind of returns that they expected. MarTech must align with your marketing strategy. Some companies have given up on some of the tools that did not deliver on their promised value proposition, while others have benefit tremendously from simpler tools that are easy to implement and deliver a higher ROI.

The Secret to Marketing Success – ACME

David advises their clients on marketing strategy, process and MarTech adoption, using their ACME methodology: A (acquisition of leads), C (converting leads to customers), M (measure what’s working) and E (expansion of newer customers in to higher value customers). For example, if a customer has been struggling with acquiring leads and converting leads to customers, DemandGen would recommend using a product like Qwardo that helps in content recommendation and intelligent lead capture.

Essential Skills for Marketers

On the essential skills that marketers need to implement and get the best out of MarTech, David says that besides recognizing that marketing has changed dramatically today, marketers must not just be creative (right brained) but also be left brained, i.e. competent in strategy, process, technology, software and tools and deploy these successfully.

The Must-Have MarTech Stack

David signs off with the Marketing stack essentials that every marketing department must have today:

  • Cloud based CRM system
  • Marketing Automation
  • A mature website optimized with compelling content and mobile friendly user experience
  • Reporting tools for marketing effectiveness measurement
  • Content management tools (CMS)
  • Database marketing tools for targeted marketing

Manufacturing Demand

Manufacturing Demand by David Lewis











David is the author of Manufacturing Demand, an essential book for all demand gen professionals. You can buy a copy of his book on Amazon. Visit manufacturingdemand.com for more information.

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