Building a Content Marketing Campaign

Watch Maria Dykstra’s interview and learn about her experiences on how to build a successful content marketing campaign at Qwardo’s B2B Content Marketing Virtual Summit

“When we are creating a marketing campaign we need to think about the 60:30:10 ratio:

60% is the third party content,

30% is the deep research content, and 10% is the promotional content”

About the speaker: Maria Dykstra

Maria Dykstra, a super content marketer, and strategist is also an author and regularly featured writer/speaker in various publications including The Huffington Post and Entrepreneur. She co-founded TreDigital, a content marketing agency, focused on influencer thought leadership.

What you will learn:

Maria discusses the nuances of building a successful content marketing campaign, the channels to do it and the ways to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. 

Other questions that will be covered

  • How do you define an effective content marketing campaign?
  • What are the key ingredients for a content marketing campaign?
  • What should be the success metrics?
  • Are there any industry benchmarks to compare campaign outcomes?
  • What techniques/tools can be used to increase engagement and conversion?

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