Be a Successful Content Marketer with Powerful Content Insights

Create Content That Works

Create the right content with critical consumption insights

Besides knowing how many leads downloaded your content, wouldn’t it be great to know how engaged each lead was with the content?  

Get critical feedback on how your content has actually resonated with your audiences. 

Qwardo SmartHub Delivers Consumption Insights

Get deep insights on consumption behavior on your web pages, PDFs, PPTs and Videos.

From downloads to completion rates

Get average completion rates, conversion rates, avg time spent, views, leads and downloads.

Content completion across formats

Know which type of content is working

Compare content consumption across your videos, case studies, white papers, ebooks and other premium content and create more of what’s working well for different audiences.

Know which content is working well for which audience

Identify companies and visitors from various segments consuming ungated content and create nurturing programs.


How it Works

Current Landing Page


Host your premium content on SmartHub and drive traffic directly or with CTAs.

Qwardo Tracks Consumption


Qwardo captures content consumption analytics as the visitor is viewing the content.

Qwardo Content Dashboard

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Consumption analytics are available in Qwardo platform at company, contact, and aggregate levels.

Fine Tune Content Strategy

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Analyze content performance to determine which content is working best with your target audience.

Self-Serve by Marketers. IT Support is not required.

Add PDFs, PPTs, and Videos

Set Lead Capture Settings (optional)

Drive Traffic either directly or with CTAs

Review dashboard for content consumption analytics


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