Content Marketing for eCommerce

Learn how to derive positive ROI in eCommerce by cultivating a long-term relationship using content marketing at Qwardo’s B2B Content Marketing Virtual Summit.

Instead of focusing on getting the order, focus on establishing a relationship. And that relationship exists when there is a willingness on the part of your potential customer to communicate with you

Speaker – Steve Groenier

Steve Groenier is a results-oriented e-Commerce and online marketing leader with over 15 years experience developing and executing marketing strategies and tactics to acquire customers, drive revenue, and build brands while maximizing ROI. Experienced at growing and optimizing online marketing channels including websites, search (PPC and SEO), email, and social media


What you will learn:

Steve talks about the challenges faced in retail e-Commerce and the way to overcome it. He talks about the best solution to achieve profitable ROI by building a customer relationship. 

Questions that will be covered:

  • Biggest challenges in retail e-commerce?
  • Meaning of customer relationship acquisition
  • How do you go about making that transition from customer acquisition to customer relationship acquisition?

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