Content Marketing for Lead Generation

Watch the interview with Ashvini Vyas and learn about her content marketing experiences related to lead generation at B2B Content Marketing Virtual Summit

Ebooks (gated content) should be avoided in the earlier stages of buyer journey. It should come in the later stages of evaluation and consideration.”

Speaker: Ashvini Vyas

Ashvini Vyas is Director of Digital Marketers India; Marketing Partner & Business Consultant of many local & international companies. She is a Google, Bing and Hubspot certified marketer with 10+ years of practical experience in digital marketing and international business development industry. She has expertise in lead generation, brand building and business development.


What you will learn:

Ashvini discusses the do’s and don’ts for marketers trying to find quality leads. She talks about how content serves as an asset.

Other questions that will be covered:

  • How to plan for content with a focus to generate leads?
  • Which content to gate behind a lead capture form?
  • What are some effective content assets/types for lead generation?

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