Content Engagement

Today marketers publish content suitable to different customer segments on their websites, however it is left to customers to find the right content. Instead, customers expect personalized content recommendations from brands. Intelligent content engagement aims to deliver the right content to each visitor dynamically and increases customer retention on a site and reduces bounce rates.

Why do it?
You have on an average just 15 seconds before losing the interest of a prospect on your site. With content buried in the Resources sections and on Blogs, visitors have to carry out extensive navigation to be able to find the right content. This leads to high bounce rates and low content engagement. At the same time, the opportunity is huge, as customers using digital mediums to do their research long before talking to Sales.

Current digital marketing tools allow for the creation of intelligent landing pages that are optimized to convert visitors on the page based on user experience flow (for e.g., colors, font size, text placement, and number of steps to convert). However, since visitors come to a website from different sources and land on different pages, there is no way to detect the visitor type and dynamically offer content relevant to each visitor based on where they are in their buyer’s journey.


An intelligent customer engagement platform understands each visitor’s requirements based on source, profile and behavior, and offers relevant calls to action (CTAs), that would help the customer move along the buyer journey, utilizing content from across the site. Such a platform would also remove unnecessary gates to consuming content since the visitor could be a known contact or from a qualified account.

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