Increase Conversions from your Landing Pages with Intelligent Engagement

With Onsite Retargeting, Content Previews and Exit Offers

Increase Leads and Engagement

Are you happy with your conversion rates?

Landing pages generate leads in exchange for valuable content that educate and guide customers.  

Yet, conversions are typically in the low single digits, with no way to nurture and convert the rest of the traffic.

Get more leads and insights from your landing pages with Qwardo

Get deep insights on consumption behavior on your web pages, PDFs, PPTs and Videos.

Onsite Retargeting - Get more opportunities to convert

As visitors who do not convert browse other pages of your site, Qwardo can deliver popup or embedded CTAs to keep your promoted content top of the mind.

Offer Greater Flexibility Content Previews

Insert an embedded CTA on landing pages offering an online preview of the document (or video) on Qwardo SmartHub.

Reduce Bounce Rates with Exit Intent Offers

For visitors who do not convert, Qwardo can detect exit intent and give a popup CTA with a content preview offer. Exit offers typically reduce bounce rates by 10%.

How it Works

Create Segments

2 l

For targeting select visitors to your landing pages, create visitor Segments on Qwardo

Upload Content


Upload your PDFs to Qwardo SmartHub and enable lead capture after X pages

Reduce Bounce Rates


Create exit offer CTAs to convert visitors about to leave

Fine Tune Content Strategy

3 l

Analyze content consumption rates, conversion rates to optimize campaigns

Self-Serve by Marketers. IT Support is not required.

Add PDFs, PPTs, and Videos

Set Lead Capture Settings (optional)

Drive Traffic either directly or with CTAs

Review dashboard for content consumption analytics


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