Influence of Content on the Purchasing Process

Watch David Van Everen’s interview and learn about his insights on the influence of content on purchasing process at Qwardo’s B2B Content Marketing Virtual Summit .

“Business decision maker content is very important in the beginning and more important towards the end when the actual purchasing decision is made

David Van Everen

David Van Everen, Vice President – Corporate Marketing at Mirantis, has 15 years of experience defining and bringing world-class software products to market. An innovator in bringing the power of cloud computing to contact center and customer service applications. 

What you will learn:

David discusses the nuances of how to put forth powerful content which could influence your audience to take the next step forward.

Get answers for:

  • How to optimize content marketing to align with the purchasing process for better sales outcomes?
  • How much do decision-makers rely on the content generated by content marketing?
  • Are there sources other than the brand’s website that could influence a decision maker?
  • How can an enterprise use 3rd party content to engage decision makers?

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