Get More Conversions With Personalized Offers

Convert visitors with Personalized Offers

Give a Personalized Offer to select visitors for Higher Conversions

Today, you treat all visitors the same way since you cannot distinguish between visitors, and not everyone is eligible for a special offer.

With Qwardo, provide a personalized offer to repeat visitors or select visitors who do not convert. These offers can be based on the user behavior - time spent, number of visits, pages viewed, along with visitors from specific campaigns and key accounts. The offers can be unveiled as an inline or popup CTA.

Increase leads, increase engagement

Offer it as a popup or inline

Get flexibility in engaging visitors with offers and CTAs

Offer only to target visitors

Offer to known contacts or key customer segments

Get content consumption insights

Know exactly how much of your content is being consumed by your visitors, move from download rates to completion rates

How do Personalized Offers work with Qwardo?

Current landing page

Create a personalized offer and enable it as a popup or inline CTA for select visitors.

Current landing page

Qwardo shows a personalized offer as a CTA to select visitors or based on user behavior.

Qwardo SmartHub

SmartHub displays the content online. The download button pops up an email capture form and sends a link to the content by email.

Qwardo SmartHub

SmartHub shows a lead capture form after displaying a preview of X pages.

So Easy to Setup, No IT Support Needed

Upload Content to Qwardo

Set Lead Capture Settings

Add a CTA with a personalized offer.

(popup or inline)

Sit back and relax as leads flow in

Still not convinced?

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