Increase PPC Conversions with Onsite Retargeting

Retarget Campaign Visitors with Personalized CTAs across the site

Convert your visitors with dynamic CTAs

paying for visitors – go extra mile to convert.. double your returns with higher conversions, reduce cus acquisition costs

Qwardo can deliver a series of inline/popup CTAs across your website giving your more opportunities to convert.


Increase leads, increase ROI

Offer it as a popup or inline

Get flexibility in engaging visitors with offers and CTAs

Offer only to target visitors

For known contacts or key customer segments, provide offers or previews of content on SmartHub.

Capture Trending topics

Identify visitor interests at the account, segment and lead level and optimize campaigns

Save Retargeting Campaign Costs

Convert more visitors before they leave the site with onsite retargeting

How do Personalized Offers work with Qwardo?

Create Campaign Segment

Set criteria for identify and classify target visitors for the campaign

Create Retargeting CTAs

Configure inline/popup CTAs to target visitors across the site

Measure and Optimize

Analyze CTA performance and optimize conversions

So Easy to Setup, No IT Support Needed

Upload Content to Qwardo

Set Lead Capture Settings

Add a CTA with a personalized offer.

(popup or inline)

Sit back and relax as leads flow in

Still not convinced?

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