Deliver Personalized Content Experiences to your Target Audience

Drive Engagement, Increase Leads, and Gain Content Insights

Take your B2B website to the next level – without significant investment

Today’s B2B websites are not intelligent and impersonal. They provide the same exact experience to all visitors. The Qwardo platform makes your B2B website experience intelligent to your visitors so that you can have a one-on-one conversation with your target audience, thereby increasing the opportunities to convert and accelerate sales cycles.

Replace your landing pages with SmartHub to increase conversions

The Qwardo SmartHub hosts all your premium content such as case studies, white papers and videos. You can configure lead capture at various locations within the content to increase conversions. Once a visitor is reading the content, the SmartHub provides recommended content and gives visual cues for calls to action. You can offer calls to action such as free trials, free assessments and time-bound offers  that indicate willingness to talk to sales.

Make your website intelligent and personal

The Qwardo SmartBar provides a personalized experience to your visitors based on context – if the visitor is a customer or a prospect or a net new lead, user behavior on your site and content (e.g., did he read a case study?) and intended buyer’s journey. The Qwardo SmartBar is positioned at the bottom of the viewable portion of the browser window to provide unobtrusive experience and visual cues on recommended content and calls to action.

Implementation is a breeze

Be Smart

Qwardo makes your website visitor engagement smarter over time as you collect behavioral data and sales pipeline activity.

No IT or Graphics Required

We put the power in your hands, marketer. You no longer need to depend on your IT or graphics to influence customer journey.

Takes few minutes to implement

Implementing Qwardo takes only a few minutes. Simply upload your content and grab the code to install on your website.

Get Value Instantly

Qwardo will send you leads and activity alerts after adding the Qwardo script. Even when the visitors don’t convert, you can get details on visiting companies.


You can showcase all your premium content of types PDF, YouTube, PPT, Vimeo, GIF, PNG, JPEG and TIFF.

You can decide when to offer the lead capture form. You can offer it on the first page or last page or in the middle.

Your visitors can request download links and they receive an email with a single-use download link.  If the download link is accessed again, the user will be redirected to SmartHub to ensure they enter the email again for the download link.

The Qwardo SmartHub tracks all activity and scores the leads based on their behavior. The scoring is automatic and is dependent on how long the person has spent and completed consuming content and the calls to action responded to.  You have an opportunity to indicate the relative weights for the lead scoring when you define calls to action.

Since Qwardo automatically tracks user behavior, you get deep analytics within the content just like you do for your web pages using web analytics tools. These analytics help you to know which content is working for whom and create that content and increase ROI.

Download an Excel  report on visitors, emails collected and download activity as a summary as well as for each day.

The best part of Qwardo SmartHub is the ability to offer calls to action based on buyer’s journey. These offers can be polls, newsletter signups, trial offers, webinar registrations, event invitations, and time-bound offers.  You can also give calls to action to view other premium content.

Give recommendations on what other content to read and gain more opportunities to convert. The Qwardo recommendations will extend the time on site and give an opportunity to know what is interesting to your website visitors.

Make the Qwardo SmartHub look native with your custom logo and colors. Qwardo SmartHub and SmartBar can be easily configured to suit your branding needs without any graphics designer help.

Multiple, ready-to-go templates are available to make it easy to configure and launch calls to action without any graphics or IT support.

Get alerts on visitor activity on your web pages as well as within your content.

Send personalized email links in campaigns via your favorite Email marketing tools such as Marketo, Hubspot, Mailchimp and Sendgrid. You can automatically allow the known contacts to consume content without filling the lead capture form and track their activity within in the content and across your website.

You can segment and target audience based on multiple criteria. For example, you can target a set of accounts based on their domain names and emails. You can target all visitors coming from a particular location. You can also target based on user behavior such as new users, repeat users, users who spent X seconds on your website, or users who read a specific content such as a case study or a white paper.

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