Qwardo Content Insights

Uncover Trending Topics.
Identify and fix content gaps.

Qwardo Content Insights provides much needed content analytics and account intelligence to help you get better ROI from your content marketing through SEO and paid media.

Is your content library covering your key topics exhaustively?

Are you leaving gaps in your content strategy missing what customers are actively searching for in their journey?

Do you know what kind of content your competitors are creating?

Keep your content strategy close, your competitor’s’ strategy closer.

Get an analysis of your content library vis a vis your key topics

Qwardo scans your website and tells you what kind of content you are hosting today, across multiple formats: videos, white papers, case studies, brochures, webinars, ebooks, blog posts. Learn the coverage of your key topics across your webpages and content assets.

Analyze and optimize your Content Strategy

Get an overview of the key topics on your website that are trending with your visitors across all web pages and content and topics. Identify gaps between your content strategy and what your visitors are consuming and looking for. Get ideas for creating new content and campaigns

Content is king in digital marketing
The Big Idea

Get Compelling Content Creation Ideas and Increase Engagement

Plan Content Strategy Around Interests from Target Accounts

Go beyond your gut feel to figure out what and how much content you need to convert your target accounts.

To create new content that your visitors find compelling, Qwardo offers an analysis of topics that are trending with your visitors. Engage visitors with the content and topics that are trending with similar visitors to get higher engagement rates, lower bounce rates, and more conversions.

Run Campaigns with Trending Topics to Targeted Accounts

To get more high quality traffic and lead conversions, run campaigns around topics that are trending with your visitors.

Identify Target Accounts for Demand Generation Campaigns

Identify the matching accounts interested in a specific topic and run a campaign using Email with the relevant content.

Qualify Accounts for Retargeting or Social Ads

Qwardo automatically detects company domains of visiting prospects, interested topics, and intent to engage, so that you can refine your targeting on Facebook and LinkedIn to hot accounts with right content.

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Competitor Content Insights

Get Insights from Competitor’s Content Strategy

Don’t lag behind your competitors when it comes to content strategy and marketing. Qwardo gives you a comparison of your content with your competitors to fill gaps in your content strategy with relevant content.

See Which Topics Your Competitors are Talking About

Compare topics on your website with your competitors to know how they are positioning their product and where they are focusing in terms of topics.

Don’t Miss Content Updates from Your Competitors

Get alerts on new content and content changes from your competitors’ websites so that you can take an immediate action to build new content or modify existing content


$59 Per Month

Qwardo Content Insights
Sales Intelligence


  • 2 Users
  • 10,000 pages views
  • Account based dashboard: Identify anonymous visitors from companies
  • Identify key topics of interest across all sessions
  • Activity Alerts and Daily Digest by email
  • Overview of pages browsed, content consumed, and time spent

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$99 Per Month

Qwardo Content Insights
Sales Intelligence
Competitor Insights

  • 5 Users
  • 25,000 pages views
  • Word-cloud of topics across all content and pages
  • Wordcloud of key topics from a competitor website
  • Wordcloud of topics trending with visitors, accounts, and segments
  • Summary of content on your site by content type

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