Qwardo Sales Insights

Discover New Targets, Know Intent and Interest of Your Online Prospects


Identify Accounts and Leads that are most likely to buy

Qwardo tracks all known and unknown visitors on your website, giving you rich insights into their interests.

Read Your Prospects Mind … Literally

Know what your prospect is interested in and if he/she is exhibiting intent to engage with your sales team.

Prioritize Leads with Automatic Lead Scoring

Identify and qualify high quality leads and companies with strong engagement rates in your marketing assets.

Identify Key Topics for each Account and Lead

Get an overview of the key topics of interest to each account based on their browsing behavior.


$59 Per Month

Qwardo Content Insights
Sales Intelligence


  • 2 Users
  • 10,000 pages views
  • Account based dashboard: Identify anonymous visitors from companies
  • Identify key topics of interest across all sessions
  • Activity Alerts and Daily Digest by email
  • Overview of pages browsed, content consumed, and time spent

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$99 Per Month

Qwardo Content Insights
Sales Intelligence
Competitor Insights

  • 5 Users
  • 25,000 pages views
  • Word-cloud of topics across all content and pages
  • Wordcloud of key topics from a competitor website
  • Wordcloud of topics trending with visitors, accounts, and segments
  • Summary of content on your site by content type


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