SEO Best Practices for your Content

Watch Adriana Tica’s interview and learn about her SEO related experiences and trade secrets at Qwardo’s B2B Content Marketing Virtual Summit

“Organic traffic is good but it doesn’t really pay the bills so the end goal of SEO should always be sales. This is why User Intent is very important.”

About the speaker: Adriana Tica

Adriana Tica is an expert marketer and copywriter, with 10 years in the field, most of which were spent in marketing tech companies. She is the CEO of Idunn, a digital marketing agency that helps clients all over the world with copywriting, social media marketing and marketing strategy.


What you will learn:

Adriana states that the balance between user intent and technical aspect along with the quality of the content are key elements of her success mantra for SEO. 

Other questions that will be covered:

  • What are the steps to get started with search engine optimization for content?
  • What are the best practices to maintain and improve your SEO rank?
  • What are some of the tools to make my content search engine friendly?


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Steps to Optimize Content for SEO

Finding Great Topics for SEO

The Role of Content in Engagement and Conversions

Latent Semantic Index Keywords

Tools to Help Content Optimization for SEO

How to Select a Great SEO Agency?

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