SmartHub Intelligent Content Engagement Platform

The best way to deliver intelligent content experiences

Engage, Convert & Optimize - Get More from Content Marketing

Qwardo SmartHub hosts your white papers, case studies, ebooks and videos.

No IT support needed. Do away with unnecessary landing pages.

Turn every premium asset into a Smart Hub that can present, capture leads, and give call to actions, while tracking interests and consumption at account and contact level.

Engage: Ungate Content for Premium Accounts

Reduce friction in content consumption by ungating content for active accounts.

Qwardo’s account detection technology identifies accounts engaged with your content.

Engage: Continue the Conversation with Dynamic CTAs

Deliver personalized CTAs for different segments while they are consuming content on SmartHub

Use Signups, videos, polls for quick feedback and content recommendations

Convert: Flexible Lead Capture

Your landing pages convert 3-5% of visitors, leaving no way to nurture the rest.

Is there a better way?

With Qwardo SmartHub, offer content previews and insert lead capture anywhere within your content and increase conversions.

Optimize with Content Consumption Insights

Know what’s working well and for whom

Measure Content Success with completion rates, conversion rates and average time

Content insights at the lead, account and segment level.

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