Top 10 Best Gift Shops In Silicon Valley

Gift giving is an important custom in many cultures. It is a way to show appreciation, to celebrate special occasions, and to build relationships. Gifts can be given to individuals or groups, and they can be tangible or intangible. When choosing a gift, it is important to consider the recipient’s interests and needs.

The best gift shop in Silicon Valley is the aptly named, The Best Gift Shop. This store has everything you could possibly want for the perfect gift, from unique and interesting items to everyday essentials. You’re sure to find something special for everyone on your list at this one-of-a-kind store.

4.9 out of 5

The Cottage Crafts Boutique is a small business that was started by two friends, Claire and Sarah, in 2014. They met while working at a local arts and crafts store and bonded over their love of crafting. When the store closed, they decided to start their own business together. They both have a background in fashion design and decided to focus on selling handmade jewelry and accessories. The Cottage Crafts Boutique is a small, family-owned business that sells handmade jewelry and accessories. Claire and Sarah started the business in 2014 after meeting at a local arts and crafts store. They both have a background in fashion design and decided to focus on selling handmade jewelry and accessories. The boutique is a brick-and-mortar

The Cottage Crafts Boutique is a small, independently-owned store that specializes in unique, handcrafted gifts. They carry a wide variety of items, including jewelry, home decor, stationery, and children’s toys and clothing. In addition to gifts, the Cottage Crafts Boutique also sells a variety of other items, such as coffee and tea, books, and local artisanal products.

Cottage Crafts Boutique offers free shipping on orders over $75 and free in-store pickup. Home delivery is not available, but the store does offer a convenient online shopping experience. The best feature of Cottage Crafts Boutique is the wide selection of high-quality products available, from furniture to home decor to clothing and accessories.

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14458 Union Ave, San Jose, CA 95124
Opening Hours
Monday : Closed
Tuesday : 11AM–4PM
Thursday : 11AM–4PM
Wednesday : 11AM–4PM
Friday : 11AM–4PM
Saturday : 11AM–4PM
Sunday : Closed
5 out of 5

The best gift shop started out as a small, family-owned business in the early 1970s. The shop was started by two brothers who were passionate about giving their customers the best possible shopping experience. From the start, they made it their mission to carry a wide variety of unique and interesting gifts, and to offer superior customer service. The brothers quickly gained a loyal following among local shoppers, and the business grew steadily over the years. They opened additional locations and began selling online, and today the best gift shop is a well-recognized brand with a nationwide presence. What makes the shop so successful is its commitment to quality and innovation. The brothers are always looking for new and interesting products to bring to their customers,

The Best Gift Shop is a retailer that specializes in selling gifts. They offer a wide variety of gift options for their customers, including: -Personalized gifts -Gift baskets -Gift certificates -Jewelry -Clothing -Home decor In addition to gifts, The Best Gift Shop also sells a variety of other items, including: -Books -Cards -Party supplies -Stationery

The Best Gift Shop delivers gifts all around the United States. They have a great variety of gifts to choose from, and they also have home delivery. This makes it easy for you to get your gift to the recipient without having to worry about it. Plus, their prices are very reasonable, making it easy on your wallet.

4.9 out of 5

The Nikkei Tradition is a Japanese-owned business that started in the early 1900s. They are known for their high-quality, handmade knives that are perfect for chefs and kitchen enthusiasts alike. Their knives are made from premium materials, such as carbon steel and Damascus steel, and are precision-crafted to ensure superior sharpness and durability.

The Nikkei Traditions is a store that specializes in selling Japanese gifts and souvenirs. They have a wide variety of items available, including traditional kimonos, calligraphy sets, and samurai swords. In addition to gifts, they also sell a variety of other items, such as snacks, drinks, and traditional Japanese toys.

Nikkei Traditions has a delivery service that is available Monday through Friday from 11:00am to 2:00pm. They offer a variety of menu items that can be ordered for delivery, including soups, salads, sushi rolls, and entrees. They also have a catering menu that can be ordered for large events. Nikkei Traditions is located in the heart of downtown Bethesda, and they offer a unique dining experience with their traditional Japanese cuisine. The best feature of Nikkei Traditions is their sushi rolls. They have a wide variety of sushi rolls that are both delicious and affordable.

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219 Jackson St, San Jose, CA 95112
Opening Hours
Monday : Closed
Tuesday : Closed
Thursday : Closed
Wednesday : 3–6PM
Friday : 2–6PM
Saturday : 11AM–6PM
Sunday : 11AM–4PM
4.3 out of 5

Paper Source is a retailer specializing in paper products and stationery. It was founded in 1984 by husband and wife team, Stephen and Christina Simon. The couple opened their first store in Chicago, Illinois, and the business has since expanded to include over 100 stores across the United States. Paper Source is known for its unique assortment of cards, invitations, gift wrap, journals, and other paper goods.

Paper Source is a store that specializes in selling paper products and gifts. They have a wide variety of paper products, from notebooks and cards to wrapping paper and gift bags. They also have a large selection of gifts, including home decor, jewelry, and office supplies. In addition to paper products and gifts, Paper Source also sells stationery, invitations, and other party supplies.

Paper Source delivers orders placed online and in-store. There is no home delivery, but there are several pick-up locations throughout the country. My favorite feature of Paper Source is the variety of unique and high-quality products they offer. You can find everything from party supplies to personalized stationery at Paper Source, making it the perfect one-stop shop for all your paper needs.

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334 Santana Row Suite 1020, San Jose, CA 95128
Opening Hours
Monday : 10AM–7PM
Tuesday : 10AM–7PM
Thursday : 10AM–8PM
Wednesday : 10AM–8PM
Friday : 10AM–9PM
Saturday : 10AM–9PM
Sunday : 11AM–6PM
5 out of 5

Café Gratitude Recovery Store was founded in 2014 by two entrepreneurs, Matt and Allie. They were looking for a business that would help support their recovery from addiction and provide a healthy and helpful environment for others in recovery. The store is a resource for those in recovery as well as their families and friends. It offers books, clothing, and other items that promote healthy living and positive thinking.

The Cafe Gratitude Recovery Store is a store that sells gifts. They provide other things beside gifts, such as clothing and food.

When you order from Cafe Gratitude Recovery Store, they have a few different delivery options for you to choose from. You can have your order delivered to your home, office, or hotel. They also offer free delivery within a 3-mile radius of their store. Plus, if you spend $50 or more on your order, you’ll receive free delivery. Cafe Gratitude Recovery Store is also one of the only dispensaries in Los Angeles that offers home delivery. So if you don’t want to leave your house, they’ve got you covered.

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594 Minnesota Ave, San Jose, CA 95125
Opening Hours
Monday : 11:30AM–1:30PM
Tuesday : 11:30AM–1:30PM
Thursday : Closed
Wednesday : Closed
Friday : 11:30AM–1:30PM
Saturday : 9:30–10AM
Sunday : Closed
5 out of 5

All the Buzz was founded in 2006 by two sisters, Kasey and Kelly. They started their business by creating a line of all-natural body care products. Their products are made with ingredients that are organic, fair trade, and sustainably sourced.

All The Buzz is a store that specializes in gift giving. They have a wide variety of gifts for all occasions. In addition to gifts, they also sell other items such as clothing, jewelry, and home decor.

All the Buzz delivers within a 3-mile radius of their shop. They offer both home delivery and curbside pickup. The best feature of All the Buzz is their large selection of high-quality products.

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4605 San Felipe Rd, San Jose, CA 95135
Opening Hours
Monday : 9AM–5PM
Tuesday : 9AM–5PM
Thursday : 9AM–5PM
Wednesday : 9AM–5PM
Friday : 9AM–5PM
Saturday : Closed
Sunday : Closed
5 out of 5

The Present day is owned by a company called The Present Company. It was founded in the year 2004 by two entrepreneurs, Jesse Genet and Jordan Glazier. They were both in their early twenties at the time, and had a lot of energy and enthusiasm for starting their own business. They met each other while working at a tech startup in San Francisco, and decided to start their own business together.

The Present sells a wide variety of gifts, including cards, flowers, stuffed animals, and jewelry. They also offer other services such as printing and shipping.

They deliver your food hot and fresh to your doorstep. They have home delivery, so you don’t even have to leave your house to enjoy their delicious food! The best feature of Present is that they always use high-quality ingredients in all of their dishes.

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127 Main St, Los Altos, CA 94022
Opening Hours
Monday : Closed
Tuesday : 10AM–5PM
Thursday : 10AM–5PM
Wednesday : 10AM–5PM
Friday : 10AM–5PM
Saturday : 11AM–4PM
Sunday : Closed

Floral & Gifts 99

5 out of 5

Floral & Gifts 99 was started by William and Karen in 1999. They started the business because they both loved floral design and wanted to create a business where they could share their passion with others. They also believed in the power of giving flowers as gifts, and wanted to make it easy for people to send beautiful arrangements to their loved ones.

Floral & Gifts 99 is a store that specializes in gifts. They have a wide variety of gifts to choose from, including flowers, plants, gift baskets, and more. They also offer other services, such as floral arrangements, custom gift baskets, and more.

At Floral & Gifts 99, they deliver! They have home delivery and they are willing to go above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy. The best feature of Floral & Gifts 99 is their customer service. They are always willing to help and they make sure that their customers are happy with their purchase.

No website avaialble
No website avaialble
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2355 McKee Rd # 10, San Jose, CA 95116
Opening Hours
Monday : Closed
Tuesday : 10AM–6PM
Thursday : 10AM–6PM
Wednesday : 10AM–6PM
Friday : 10AM–6PM
Saturday : 10AM–6PM
Sunday : 10AM–5PM
4.7 out of 5

Therapy Stores was founded in 1997 by a husband and wife team. The husband had been working in the retail industry for many years and decided to open his own store. The wife had a background in psychology and worked as a therapist. They both believed that there was a need for a store that focused on providing therapeutic products and services. Therapy Stores started out as a small, family-owned business and has since grown into a national chain.

Therapy Stores is a store that sells gifts for people who are in therapy. They provide a variety of gifts for people of all ages. They also sell other things such as books and cards.

Therapy Stores is a great place to go for all of your therapy needs. They have a large selection of products, and they offer home delivery for free. Plus, their customer service is outstanding. I would definitely recommend Therapy Stores to anyone looking for quality therapy products.

location map icon
347 E Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA 95008
Opening Hours
Monday : 11:30AM–7:30PM
Tuesday : 11:30AM–7:30PM
Thursday : 10:30AM–9PM
Wednesday : 10:30AM–9PM
Friday : 10:30AM–9:30PM
Saturday : 10AM–9:30PM
Sunday : 9:30AM–7:30PM
4.5 out of 5

The Assembly Pop-Up Shop was opened in October of 2017 by two friends, Claire and Jenna. They met while working at a small marketing agency and bonded over their shared love of fashion and styling. After leaving their jobs to start their own business, they decided to open a pop-up shop as a way to get their name out there and test out their product. They both have a background in fashion and knew that they wanted to create a space that was both fun and stylish. The Assembly Pop-Up Shop is a curated collection of womenswear, accessories, and home decor. They carry brands like Free People, Wildfox, and Rifle Paper Co.

The Assembly Pop-Up Shop is a small business that opened in the fall of 2017. It is a shop that sells gifts, but it also provides other services. It sells things like clothes, accessories, and home decor.

The Assembly Pop-Up Shop delivers by bike! They have a fleet of cargo bikes that can weave through traffic and deliver your order right to your door. Plus, it’s eco-friendly and fun! The best feature of The Assembly Pop-Up Shop is their selection of local, organic produce. You won’t find anything fresher or more sustainable than what they have to offer.

location map icon
55 E 3rd Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401
Opening Hours
Monday : 2–8PM
Tuesday : 2–8PM
Thursday : 2–8PM
Wednesday : 2–8PM
Friday : 2–8PM
Saturday : 2–8PM
Sunday : 2–8PM

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