How To Claim Fairy Bros Daily Gift?

Everyone knows that the best thing about being a fairy is getting to use magic. What most people don’t know, however, is that there are also lots of other fun perks to being a fairy in New Vidalia!

There are different ways to get those benefits, but one of the best and easiest ways is by claiming the free gifts from Fairy Bros every day. And not just any gifts – magical gifts! These aren’t just any old items either; every day you can claim a gift from Fairy Bros unlocks a new type of magic which will help you as you continue your fairy career.

When you first start playing New Vidalia, these benefits might seem minor. They’re not game-changing powers or anything like that. But trust us when we say that these little bonuses will make your life as a fairy much easier down the road!

How to Claim the Daily Gift From Fairy Bros

You can claim the daily gift from Fairy Bros at any time during the day (although it’s best to claim it before midnight to get the full effect).

First, go to the New Vidalia login page (or log in through Social Media if you use the Vidalia Button).

Once you’re in your New Vidalia account, click on the tab that says “Fairy Bros”.

Next, click on the “daily gift” tab at the top of the screen. This will take you to a screen that shows all of the gifts you’ve earned so far, as well as an option to “claim the gift”.

What is the Daily Gift?

The daily gift is a magical item that you can get for free every day from Fairy Bros. These items can give you special boosts that increase the amount of magical dust you get from certain activities. They can also unlock new types of magic, which can help you be more efficient and effective at completing tasks throughout the game. Some of these items are also the required items needed to complete certain quests. You don’t have to wait until you’ve completed a quest to get the items you need. You can claim the daily gift as soon as it is available, and then use the item to finish the quest right away.

Daily Gifts Are Just The Beginning

You’ll notice that many of the gifts you can claim from Fairy Bros are actually items you already have in your inventory. This might make you think that these items are useless. But the truth is, even the items you already have can be very helpful!

These items can help you earn more magic than you would have earned without them. For example, the “Fairy Dust Magnet” gift increases the amount of dust you get from harvesting crops by 20%.

So if you harvest a crop that normally gives you 100 dust, with the magnet, you’ll get 120 dust! Getting more dust means you can speed up your progress in New Vidalia. It also means you’ll have more magic to use on things like expanding your farm and buying new plants and animals.

Unlocking Magic With the Daily Gift

One of the best ways to get more out of the daily gift is to use one of the items that unlocks magic. These items give you one seed of that type of magic. When you have enough seeds, you can “plant” them to unlock the magic. Each type of magic can help you with different things.

Big Harvest magic is great for planting and harvesting large quantities at once. This can be really helpful if you have several farms and need to harvest lots of things at once.

Other Ways to Earn Magic with the Daily Gift

You don’t have to wait until you have enough seeds to unlock a new type of magic. You can also use the items that give you a set amount of magic dust. You can use the dust to speed up things like leveling-up or expanding your farm. These gifts can also help you complete quests that require a certain amount of magic dust.

You might have a quest that requires you to expand your farm by one plot. If you don’t have enough magic to expand, you can use fairy dust to help complete the quest. There are lots of other ways to use fairy dust, but it’s best to save some of it so you can use the daily gift to earn even more magic.

Bottom line


Fairy Bros can give you a lot more than just directions. Log in every day to claim the daily gift, and then use the gifts you get to get more magic. You can use this extra magic to complete quests faster, expand your farm, and purchase new plants and animals. And as you continue to use the daily gift, it will keep getting better. New gifts will unlock as you collect seeds from older items, and as you level up you’ll be able to claim even more gifts every day.

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