How To Reload A Target Gift Card Online

So you have a Target gift card that’s about to expire. What can you do? You could head to your nearest Target store and spend it there before time runs out, or you could use the card online. Both options are great, but which is better?

In this article, we will explore both methods of using a Target gift card, in order to get the most out of it. There are various ways to reload a Target gift card online so it doesn’t expire.

While this is not as convenient as spending it in store, it can be much more beneficial if you know how to reload a Target gift card online and take advantage of a special deal. Before reading on, make sure that you understand what exactly a target gift card is and when exactly they expire.

What is a Target Gift Card?

A Target gift card is a prepaid gift card that can be used towards the purchase of goods at any Target store in the country. The gift card can also be used online as well, providing access to all of the store’s items.

Gift cards are great for many occasions and are a common gift choice that many people gravitate towards. There are a few different types of gift cards provided by Target, but the gift cards we will be discussing in this article are the target gift cards that can be recharged online. The other types of Target gift cards are the ones that can only be purchased in-store and do not provide the option to be reloaded online.

When do Target Gift Cards Expire?

The expiration date on a target gift card is not something that is published. This is because gift cards are not regulated by the government and so each individual card’s expiration date is different.

The only way to tell if a Target gift card has expired is to try to use it. If you try to spend a gift card that has expired, the store cashier will not accept it.

One way to try and find out when a Target gift card expires is to check and see when the gift card was purchased. Gift cards purchased in bulk will usually have a date stamped on them when they were manufactured. Target gift cards purchased in bulk are usually manufactured towards the end of the year, so there is a chance that your gift card has already expired.

Reloading Options for Target Gift Cards Online

There are a few different ways to reload a Target gift card online. The first way would be to transfer money from your bank account to the gift card. The second way would be to use a credit card to load money onto the gift card. The third way would be to use a different gift card to reload the first gift card. You can only do one of these options per gift card, so if you use a bank transfer or a credit card, then you cannot use another gift card to reload that gift card.

Gift cards have a unique code that allows you to reload it online. Here are a few great ways to find that code:

Find the gift card: The first thing you want to do is try to find the gift card. This might sound obvious, but gift cards get misplaced sometimes and so you might want to look for it before you try to reload it. Once you find the gift card, you want to check the back of it for the gift card’s PIN code.

Find the gift card’s code on the store receipt: If you bought the gift card from a Target store, then there will be a gift card code on the receipt. This code will be different from the one on the back of the gift card itself.

How to Reload a Target Gift Card Online?

In order to reload a target gift card online, you will have to head to the gift card’s website. The gift card’s website should have an option to reload the gift card. Here are a few things to keep in mind before reloading a gift card:

Gift card reloading fees: Before reloading a gift card, it might be a good idea to check what the gift card reloading fees are. Certain gift card websites might charge a fee for reloading a gift card, which is something you want to be aware of before proceeding.

Find the gift card’s website: Every gift card has a website that has information about the gift card, gift card reloading options, and gift card balances. You can usually find the website for the gift card by looking for the gift card’s logo on the back of the gift card.

Once you have gone to the gift card website, you want to select “Reload” or “Add Money”. The website will ask for the gift card’s PIN code, so make sure you have that ready.


This article has explored a few different ways to reload a target gift card online so the gift card doesn’t expire. There are a few different ways to do that, but the important thing is to use them before the gift card expires.

The gift card website will usually have a countdown timer that lets you know when the card will expire. So be sure to reload your gift card before the timer runs out.

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