Where Can I Buy iTunes Gift Card In Colombia?

Blog Introduction: Looking for a way to show someone special you care? An iTunes gift card is the perfect gift. But if you’re located in Colombia, you may be wondering where you can buy an iTunes gift card. In this blog post, we will discuss the different ways you can buy an iTunes gift card in Colombia.

How to Buy iTunes Gift Card In Colombia

Apple Store Colombia

The first place to check for iTunes gift cards is the Apple Store Colombia website. Apple offers both physical and digital gift cards in various denominations, ranging from $5 to $200 USD. You can purchase a gift card online and have it delivered to your home or send it digitally to a friend or family member. Digital gift cards can be redeemed on the App Store, Apple Books, iTunes, and Mac App Store.

Online Stores

You can purchase an iTunes gift card online from many stores that are based in Colombia or have international shipping options for customers located in the country. Some stores even offer discounts on their cards if you purchase them online. Examples of these stores include Mercado Libre, Linio, and Rappi. It is important to double check which type of payment methods are accepted before making any purchases online.

Retail Stores

If you prefer to purchase your cards in person, there are many retail stores located throughout Colombia that sell physical copies of the card. The most common stores that sell these cards are big supermarkets like Jumbo and Carulla as well as convenience stores like Oxxo and Couche Tard. Additionally, many kiosks or stands located in shopping malls also have physical copies of iTunes gift cards available for purchase. These cards usually come with scratch-off codes that need to be entered into your Apple ID account before they can be used.

Can I buy an iTunes gift card from US iTunes for someone who lives in Colombia?

No, you can’t purchase from US. If you are purchasing a gift card from the US iTunes Store, it can only be redeemed on an Apple ID that is registered in the US.

If you want to purchase an iTunes gift card for someone who lives in Colombia, you will need to purchase it from a Colombian retailer or the Colombian Apple Store website.


Purchasing an iTunes gift card doesn’t have to be hard if you live in Colombia; there are many options available both online and offline that make it easy to get your hands on one quickly and conveniently.

Whether you decide to shop online or visit a local store, make sure to double-check which payment methods the store accepts and what types of discounts they may offer before making any purchases. With these tips, buying an iTunes gift card should be a breeze no matter where you’re located!

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